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What is a Friesian you ask?  Let me tell you– No, let me show you…

Tearke Canter     As the mist of morning wanes off the rolling hills, a young man bearing the crest of the royal army rides haphazardly over the bridge to the land owner’s fort.  The young man yells, “To Arms! To Arms!”  The nobleman rushes out of his house to the village square as other families leave their breakfast tables to see what the commotion is about.  The young rider rushes to the middle of the town, stopping his horse in front of the nobleman.  He wastes no time.
      “My Lord, that which we have feared has come to be.  Protect King and land to your last man!”  And with that he rears his horse, turning and riding quickly off to the next village to repeat his cry.
     Meanwhile the nobleman calls quickly to his eldest.  “Quick now, I need you to saddle the horses and ready for battle.” 
     His son shows no fear but a youthful eagerness.“Does this mean I get to go to Sire?”  The father smiles softly at his son and reminisces about his own youth.  He fears that one or perhaps neither will return.  His son dashes off to the barn and gathers up three of the family’s best horses. 
     Black, proud and gentle yet fierce in their loyalty, these animals are family friends, work horses, and cherished trusted companions, as well as a way to safety in times of trouble.  The son saddles and readies three: one for himself, one for his father, and one to change out and carry equipment.  The most stunning of the gentle black animals are left behind; they are the rest of the family’s only means to salvation if the men fail at their task.  They will carry the rest of the family to safety if need be.
When the horses are readied, the father kneels at the feet of his next youngest son and looks him square in the eye.  In a monotone voice, he tells him “You are the head of the family now, until I return.  Lead everyone to safety if I cannot make it back before the invaders come too close.  Go to the place where I showed you, remember?”
     The little man knows what this mean and his heart fills with pride with such an important role.
“Make sure your mother, baby brother, and you get to the safe place with the horses.”
The nobleman’s wife loads up the extra horse with goods and bids her husband safe passage.  She asks them to please return safely, trying not to show her tears and fears.
    Suited in armor as they were upon the backs of their striking mounts, the villagers no longer see the land owner and his son.  They have transformed into knights before their eyes.  Indeed, it was the nobleman’s skill in battle with his valiant black steed that won him this land in the first place.  And now they would ride out together again to defend it.
     Once the nobleman and his son reach the outskirts of the village, they urge their horses into a full gallop.  With their swords raised in a final salute and the long flowing tails of their horses flying back like banners, father and son ride into history.


The Artwork of the Horse

Tearke Canter     Horses have influenced the art of man since the beginning of time.  On the cave wall, deep in Mother Earth he felt the need to connect with the animal we now call the horse, which eluded our  forefathers and captured their imagination with their speed, endurance, and majesty.  This animal is so intertwined in our history, from feeding us to being our life-long companion; our world would not be the same without them.  The ART OF HORSE is what man created by breeding separate looks for the horse, sculpting it in living flesh and continuing through its bloodlines.  It has served us yet kept its wildness.      
     The HORSES OF ART is man’s look at what he created with the breath and the life-blood of this animal so close to us, yet so free in spirit.  What grace and honor this noble beast possesses as it has lived with us over millenia.  They have helped create the human history with their speed, gallantry, and their dedication to their humans through battles, rescues, cultivation, and the ability to manipulate other creatures that we would have been unable to do otherwise, including man.  We still worship the horse through our art and remember and illustrate the events that the horse has influenced into our hearts and in our lives.  Horses have manufactured us as much as we have manufactured them. 
     Our art is what we must do as human creatures to remind ourselves of their beauty and importance since the beginning of time in this world now filled with autos and planes.  The Horses of Art is there to inspire us in our office buildings and in our homes when we are far from our roots of the wildness, spirit, integrity, and honor of the horse.

*All of the paintings on this website are copyrighted by Beth Gregelein