Warmblood Horses for Sale: Solo Tear and Dan Tea

Solo Tear b.G.

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     Solo Tear is a dear love.  He is a 2005 intact male who is gentle and kind.  He is a towering 17 hands at four years old.  I have ridden him with a halter and lead rope bare back at a walk.  I have put the jumping saddle on him and have ridden him with that as well.  I will not jump him until he is older, although he likes to jump himself on his own accord, a behavior I find a little odd.  He will go out of his way to jump things.  I have a little white podium I teach horses to stand on that he finds particularly fun to jump.  He will stand on it as well, but if it is in the field, it is simply an obstacle.  He has pulled a drag and seems to have no fear of things that are attached chasing him.  At this point I have basically just sat on him and walked a little.  I am very careful to make everything fun and enjoyable.  Solo is registered AFA warmblood and has received the honor of Classic Warmblood.  He is big boned and is a nice stallion prospect for people who want size and bone in their eventing horses.  Solo is $12,000.

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Dan Tea 2006 Gelding

     Dan Tea is a 2006 Gelding and is Solo’s full brother.  He is 15 hands now at three years old.  He will be a large horse like his brother.  Dan is $5,000.

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