Pure Friesian Horses for Sale: Rikka and Galatea

Rikka b.G

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     Rikka is full sister to Sky and Galatea.  She is a 2005 mare who loves attention and needs a human to be hers.  I have worked with her on ground driving and she has pulled a drag without a worry in the world.  She has been trained to stand near a mounting station so someone can mount easily.  I have sat on her bareback with a halter.  Rikka is working on her bow as well as standing on a podium.  She is also learning the Spanish Walk but doesn’t quite have it down just yet.  She is easy-going and loves to please, an absolutely delightful horse.  She is registered with the American Friesian Association and has received the honor of Classic Friesian.  She is for sale for $14,000.

  Rikka 1   Rikka 2  
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Galatea b.G.

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     Galatea is a beautiful 2002 mare, full sister to Sky and Rikka.  She has been ridden western and dressage and also on some trails.  She is 15.2 hands, nice for the shoer, clisppers well, and trailers well.  She has so much drive and is beautiful to watch.  She has received the honor of Classic Friesian in the AFA and is registered in FOA as well.  She loves her humans and really loves to be around people.  She is $16,000.

  Galatea 1   Galatea 2  
  Galatea 4   Galatea 6  
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