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Purchasing & Commissions

Beth Gregelein
(719)749-0383 *after noon in Colorado in winter after 6 to 10 is best.  

   If you would like to purchase any of the artwork on this page or commission a new piece of artwork (or a recreation), you are in the right place!  To purchase a piece, you will need the number and title (if it has one, or the description if it doesn’t).  Then you can contact me and we can get the ball rolling.  If you would like to commission a piece, the process is similar.  If you see a piece you like and you want something similar, just contact me with the name, number or description and we can begin a conversation about what exactly you want.  If it is something different from what you see here, don’t hesitate to ask; much of what I do is started by commissions and I like things that are new and exciting.

     As it usually happens, I’ll sell a painting and lo and behold, someone wants the piece I’ve just sold!  Don’t worry, I will be happy to paint another piece that is similar for you.  Of course, it won’t be exact; I can paint them again with the same feeling, but as time progresses, skills improve and the paints themselves even change.  But doing a commission also allows for some changes, if you wish, such as colors, sizes, etc. 

     I like to work as close as possible with my clients to make sure they are happy with the piece.  Sometimes I don’t see what you are seeing, but I can hear what you would like out of the painting.  For example, if I am given a photo to work with, someone might see their horse being younger, fatter, or thinner than he is in the photo, but those are things I can change.  I have no problem changing something you don’t like or adding things to make a painting special for you.  Most of the time I can have these done in a month, but if there is a rush I will do my best to appease. 

     I am better and faster with horses then I am with any other animals or humans. Afghans are an exception, they just look and move like horses to me.  My "people" have gotten so much better in the last few years.  I am more confident when I am painting them, then in the past.  I am not a human painter but I can do some portraits of people.  I will take pictures of the project and send it to the client to make sure that I am doing what they think it right. I can easily take off a few pounds and little things that make paintings fun.   

     Some of my items are available by commission only.  For example, I can no longer create bronze sculptures for the joy of doing it any more since my injury, but I will still do commissions if they are within my ability.  Bronze is heavy.  Also, much of my jewelry is by commission so I can get the exact color and size of rings and stones for the pieces.  Horse pieces in particular are by commission due to varying sizes.

     Commissions are priced for their difficulty, size, and rarity of materials.  I will always do my best to be fair and honest in my dealings and I will attempt to get you your project done in a timely manner.  Please know that at times unforeseen circumstances arise to make projects go longer.  I will contact you via email to keep you updated on my progress and any issues.  I will not leave you out in the cold on a piece, and I always do better when the commissioner is involved with the piece.