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Meet Our Horses: Tearke, Filia, and Isabeau

Tearke b.N. (Tear-Ka’)

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     A beautifully bred and well-tempered Friesian stallion offered for stud service.  Tearke is known for putting his gentle personality on his foals.  He is registered FHANA, FOA, and AFA.  He has received the honor of Classic Friesian Stallion in the AFA, as well as HOY 4th in ’05 for Western in the IFHSA.  Tearke is the cornerstone at the Three Tree Ranch and at the Dragon Sword Friesian Branch.  Tearke b.N. FPS Sire is Lukas 324FPS and his Dame is Lolckje FPS.

    Tearke img 1  

Tearke and his Qualities

     I have received a couple of comments as to why Tearke is red.  The truth is that he is so shiny that when the sun sets, his coat reflects the blazing color as it goes down.  I think it is beautiful.  Tearke’ has an elastic movement with a powerful hind drive and large front action.

     Tearke has an abundant main and tail.  This last winter I had his mane braided up with one long braid hanging down, and then my wonderful mares decided it looked like a tasty treat.  They took off more than eight inches off the tip of the braid.  It could of course been worse, and he does love to be around the girls.  They keep him in line.  Tearke’s tail was in a similar situation when I took him to a clinic where the clinician was not careful or mindful of our show tail.  He forced my boy to step on his tail and rip out large chunks.  I chopped it to the length of the ground last fall and it now is more than a foot on the earth.  Tearke’s forelock is just starting to grow off of his nose.

  Tearke img 2   Tearke img 3  

     Tearke is the sweetest soul I have ever known and is truly my best friend.  He is like no stallion I have ever seen.  He is incredibly easy to be around and get along with, and very gentle.  For instance, if I happen to yell him, he will just stand there, shaking and sweating. 

    Tearke img 4  

     He also has some entertaining behaviors.  He will fetch for me, walking away to get an object I have indicated and returning the object to my hand.  He can also bow on command, stretching out to make his back lower.  Other tricks include the Spanish Walk, pointing, spinning on his forehand, and spinning on his backhand.  He is incredibly smart and will do these behaviors on command while I am standing at some distance from him.

  Tearke img 5   Tearke img 6  
  Tearke img 7   Tearke img 8  

     I was always taught that if you are smart, you should be smart enough to make your world better, and this was the approach I took with Tearke.  He was intelligent as a colt, and I was not going to have a huge animal that was smart and nasty.  So I played with him, and gave him options to make his world better.  He loves to play with me still and interact with me on his own.

    Tearke img 9  


My Experiences with Tearke

     When training Tearke these various behaviors, I started by controlling his feet.  I figured if I could control his feet, then I could control his mind, and if I had his mind, I had his body.  I started with one foot, taking a light colored or white whip and tapping the leg I wanted Tearke to move.  With some tapping I got him to shift his weight off of that leg.  Eventually I only used the whip to point at the leg and I had control of it.  I have never hit him for a movement.  This does not mean that I never reprehended him for unkind or unwanted behavior, but this was always fair and just.

  Tearke img 10   Tearke img 11  

     My training was always just and fair, until I went to a highly recommended clinic with a gentle clinician.  I was unfortunately involved with a group that hired a professional trainer with exquisite credentials for handling trick-trained horses.  I found myself in a situation I could not control in which this man whipped my boy’s front legs until they were welted.  I tried to tell him that Tearke is very much a wuss, but the trainer could not hear it.  Onlookers said “see the horse licking his lips, he’s getting it”.  Well, my boy got it all right.  He got that he was being beaten for no reason, and the effect was devastating.  When I took him back home, he would not do his tricks and merely stood in the corner, sweating.  The trainer had my horse for fifteen minutes, and it took me many hours and weeks to undo that small amount of cruelty and the fear it put into my boy.

    Tearke img 12  

     I was unable to handle the situation, and it taught me a few lessons.  Never allow someone the ability to have control over you and your horse.  Never put yourself in a situation in which you would feel it would be unprofessional to speak up and speak your mind.  Do not fear to tell a clinician if you find his methods unsuitable and suggest your own methods that have yielded successful results.  If he does not listen to you or respect you, then he does not deserve your respect.  Don’t care if you cause a scene, because you will save the respect of your horse.

    Tearke img 13  

     Part of this previous picture was taken by Crista Vesel.  I did erase the abuser in the photo, my horse was beautiful and kind even though he was being tortured. Crista Vesel is an amazing photographer to show the beauty in the horse      

     It’s true my horse made this man look good.  My horse would make anyone look good.  The pictures that were taken of my horse while he was abused by the hand of a ‘teacher’ were indeed beautiful.  They were published in a regional horse magazine, without my stallion getting any credit.  But this man used hateful whips to make himself look manly, and the overall situation did not help me in the least.  I have been in a similar situation twice now in my connection with horses.  Both times I have been amazed at my inability to handle it correctly.  Hopefully I will learn not to be intimidated by a big name trainer, and hopefully my advice will help others. 

  Tearke img 14   Tearke img 15  

     I have my sweet boy’s trust again.  Tearke is so gentle and in touch with me, and we have such a magical relationship to which nothing can compare.  He is very aware of me and my abilities and always wants to make me happy.  I have a back injury and a pinched nerve which turns off my legs, causing me to fall.  I know that I can always grab onto my boy’s mane or tail to help me get up. 

  Tearke img 16   Tearke img 17  

     Once I was riding with a group of friends with their mares and other stallions.  One of our group stopped a ways back to take a quick nature break and then cantered up from behind to catch up.  My boy turned to see who was coming and unbeknownst to us, underneath the sod was solid ice.  Tearke slipped and fell and I got off far from gracefully, finding myself unable to get back up.  Tearke found his footing and stood by me as I grabbed for the stirrup and hoisted my body up.  Everyone was so amazed that a stallion would stay by his fallen rider in lieu of mares in heat.  It was the talk for the rest of the ride.  All I could think was that I hoped everyone’s horse would be so kind.  I get away with so much and I am grateful for his kindness.

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     Filia vV. is the other half to the Three Tree Ranch.  This mare belongs to Tearke and they complement each other beautifully.  Filia is a 1993 mare out of the most stunning stallion I have ever seen Aswyn v. D Pluum FPZVPlum.  Her mother is Lkaske v.R.S. PFZV.  She puts a beautiful neck on all of her foals.  She is an engine of a horse, her movement is so huge and beautiful.  She completes Tearke and they make the most beautiful children together.


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