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     All of my jewelry is chain mail made for people, horses, cats, and dogs, including head pieces/veils, hand rosettes, and horse head pieces (chefferons).  I have a few pieces shown here that are for sale and I can do pieces similar to these on commission with your own personal measurements and metal/stone choices.  I love making custom pieces, so don’t hesitate to contact me about these.  See the commissions tab to the left for more information.  By clicking on a picture below you will see a larger picture.

     In ancient times the rings in chain mail were each individually handmade, which involved filing each end of the ring and placing two pins in them to seal them.  In many of my pieces I solder the rings closed, which makes them sturdier and also prevents it from pulling your animal’s hair.  Even though the soldering raises the price, I do it for all pieces that will be subjected to heavy use such as horse pieces and human belts.  Of course, if you wish me to solder the rings on a different piece for you, I will be happy to do so. 

     Each ring is soldered with potable quality Drinking Water Silver solder, which is a time intensive and skillful process.  After soldering the rings, I chase each of them so they are smooth and will not catch hairs.  The rings I use are typically stainless steel with a silver or gold coating, which I have found to be sturdier than the silver rings, although I can use those if you wish.  Unfortunately they do not make a gold solder, so if I use gold rings, they must be sealed with a very small dab of the silver solder.

     My horse chain mail is to be used with a flat bridle or halter and can be secured so as not to slip and show the bridle underneath.  Also, under the chin is a link that makes the chefferon easy on and easy off.  I have had no problem using a lead when my horse is wearing the chain mail at home, but when he is away from home and more distracted I find I need to secure the lead to the top of a halter or bridle. 

     I use semi-precious or precious stones for the head or nose triangles as you will see in the gallery.  I can use whatever stone you choose, although the more rare and precious the stone, the more expensive the chefferon will be, of course.  I do try to get the best rock for the price.  The stones you will see in the gallery below  include amethyst, cubic zirconium (CZ), hematite, tiger’s eye, and sapphire.  I also like to use optic glass, which has a splendid effect.  All my chefferons are done by commission, so please see the Commissions/Purchasing tab to the left if you are interested.

     My human pieces include head and hand pieces.  The head pieces come in various lengths and those I have shown in the gallery are listed at a low price and will be until they are gone.  Unfortunately prices have skyrocketed and any new pieces and commissions will be more expensive.  The shorter ones you see are for shorter hair, although the longer veils make one’s hair look longer.  I do not usually solder these pieces, but it can be done if you wish.  However, this does raise the price of the piece.

     The hand rosettes are made the same way as the rest of my chain mail.  They come with two finger keepers for the thumb and another finger.  The thumb keeper is for looks only and can be removed if you wish.  They are all made to be adjustable, given the differences in people’s hand sizes, although if you need more links in addition I will be happy to oblige.  The pieces shown below are all that I have left, but if you would like a different type of rock, just let me know.  I also do not usually solder the rings on these, but that can also be done if you wish.  The soldering will add to the cost of the piece depending if you have a fancy or plain cuff.  Beware, do not put your hand in the pocket of a tight pair of jeans while wearing one of these, because the force will rip them apart. 

     I will do basic repair under normal circumstances for free for any of these pieces, so long as you pay for shipping both ways.  Or, if you rather, I can tell you how to repair the item and you can do it yourself.  The horse chefferons are particularly prone to breakage due to the delicacy of the pieces and the nature of horses.

A note on prices:

     My human head pieces start at $150 for the simpler ones that are already made.  Unfortunately the prices for everything I use have skyrocketed, so future pieces will be more expensive.  As for the chefferons, these start at $600 because all the rings must be methodically soldered shut and then filed or chased, a time-intensive process.  The prices will vary based on how wide everything is to be and what kind of stone is used.


  Cheffron 2   Cheffron 3
    Cheffron 4  

     Sold.  This one on my sweet boy is silver rings with silver solder and the gems are hematite, cubic zirconium (CZ) diamond, and CZ sapphire.  Underneath the chin is a stainless steel clip because most horses don’t like the smell of the solder.  With the thickness of this one and the going price of all the rocks and silver rings it would be around $800


    Cheffron 1  

     Sold.  This one was made/finished for a qualified Friesian stallion and it is gold links with Silver solder and Amethyst.  The extra care to clean up the solder from the gold took so much more time.  The thickness and the rocks of this one would be around $900.


Chainmail Headpieces


     Sold  This one is extra long and made with black onyx.  Everything on this piece shouts elegance. $700 



     This one is extra extra long, made with gold and silver mail in pattern with silver strands.  The rocks are primarily two different colors of amethyst, although there is also purple agate, quartz, mother of pearl, and cubic zirconium.  The top part of the veil is purple lace rock with CZ circular cut stones set in a silver rim. I could not locate any more amethyst in the region that was of the right size or color at the time I was making this piece.  In the middle the amethyst is intermingled with a whiter amethyst but at the bottom the veil has a higher quality darker amethyst but a bigger stone.  At the very end is a tear drop Amethyst on a chain to top, or should I say bottom the piece out.  The piece is extra fancy and very long, with the train measuring 44 ½ inches.  This is an amazing piece.  $1000



     This was my first attempt to make one of these, the beginning of a learning experiment I dare to say over 20+ years.   No one wanted to buy this one because the newer ones were much more intricate and longer.  This one is short and the bottom loop is a little large.  The stone is tiger's eye.  The chain mail is gold plated and most of the gold on the chain has rubbed off because I have taken it everywhere. It is still beautiful and the front tiger's eye stone work is beautiful.  $150.



     This was the design of the first chain mail crown I made to sell.  It is made out of round hematite and the rings are silver-plated.  The veil is short for short hair. The crown is simple but elegant. This is the very last on that I have. It is $175


Hand Rosette


Silver-plated steel with facetted hematite.  $120.


Silver-plated steel with facetted onyx, fancy cuff.  $125.


Silver-plated steel with cut hematite, fancy cuff.


Gold-plated steel with round onyx beads.  $100.


Silver-plated steel with fiber optic lavender beads, fancy cuff.  $125.


Gold-plated steel with laced garnet.  $100.


Gold-plated steel with lace garnet and chain.  $100.


Gold-plated steel with tiger’s eye.  $100. 

Silver Pin


Fjord pin head.   Cast sterling silver, designed by myself and cast locally by a gentleman in Manitou Springs, CO.  The head is completed on both sides and the back is hollowed out for lightness.  Originally signed, but when it was chased the name did not come through.  I can re-sign if you wish.  Not many left, very limited run.  $125.

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