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     Aside from my paintings, sculptures, and jewelry, I have a number of other fun tidbits available.  These include hand-painted mailboxes, tarot cards, coloring books, greeting cards, photo backdrops, and more.  I am always coming up with new ideas and if you have a particular project in mind you’d like me to do, just let me know.  The images below represent some of these projects and by clicking on the image you can see a larger picture.

     My mailboxes are done by commission and each one is different and unique.  I try to make each one special, something you’d like to see six days of the week, or an added specialty to your lovely home showing that you have taken steps to make your neighborhood unique.  When you walk up to your mailbox from the back you see a beautiful design and when you open the box there is a pretty painting to look at even when all you get are bills.  I can paint pretty much anything you would like; I like horses the best, but dogs and cats can be done as well.  FYI it is sometimes difficult for me to find the special paint-able mailboxes but I will keep in touch with you on my progress throughout the entire process.
     Another project of mine is the “Alfalfa-bet for Friesians A thru Z”, made and signed by me.   It is an alphabet coloring book made for little kids learning to read or for adults for fun and something to pass down after completely colored.  These pages are a high quality paper that can stand up to markers and paints.  Each page is for a different letter which is used in the artwork as well as a poem for each page.  Hours of fun, laughs, and entertainment await those who get this lovely book. 

     I have also created another coloring book called “Friesian Fantasy”, a larger coloring book intended for the adult Friesian horse lover.  The stories are tongue-in-cheek descriptions of the world around the beautiful Friesian horse.  This book tries to recapture the first time I was able to witness the magnificence of the Friesian horse; I wanted to share its beauty and rare grace.  The pages are large for framing but due to the size I was unable to get as high quality of paper.  They can be easily colored with pencils or crayons and with some accommodation could be painted or colored with markers.  The pages would need to be separated and in the case of paint, would need to be taped down with water tape to keep the edges from curling and the paper from warping.  This book has no color and has two repeated pictures front and back .   I can sign this book if you ask me too.  Most people do, no added cost of course. 

     In the works are my tarot cards, which are all painted and have horses somewhere on each card (could you guess?).  All that is left is to write everything for them and get the ball rolling on producing them.  These may not be for some children, as I have beautiful clean humans and horses in the paintings, the way we were created.  I would like these to be professionally published.  If anyone has a publisher that would be kind and honest, I would be very grateful.

     Another project I can offer on commission are large photo backdrops.  The backdrop posted below was the largest painting I have ever done on stretched canvas.  The canvas was treated and stretched on the floor of my work area and then I made a copper frame that the canvas could be re stretched on after use.  The Canvas was used for a local Andalusia Stallion's owner who posed his mares for pictures for Animal Relief funds.  This was an immense undertaking: it is 12 foot X16 foot. and very detailed.  The painting can be rolled up for transport and re stretched for use and storage.


Mail Boxes

    This mail box is the most elaborate mail box that I have ever done.  There are little horse shoes thru the vines and flowers at the top.  There are also little added details all over this box.  The horses on the flag side are the owner’s horses and the name on the flag side is painted to look like stone.  The name on the opposite side is painted to look like wood.  The flag was also painted after these pictures were taken.  Mail boxes are done by commission so I can make sure it is personal and unique and they start at $120.


Alfalfa-Bet for Friesians A Thru Z

An alphabet coloring book with 8 ½ x 11 in. pages printed on 60 weight vellum Bristol, made by Allegra Print and Imaging for heavy duty use, to be painted or colored.  Less than five left.  A nice book for $15.00.

Friesian Fantasy

A story book with large 14 x 17 inch pages for framing, printed at Map Makers Press.  Only a few left, will be reprinted on smaller, but heavier paper.  The final image is the painting I would like to use for the cover of Friesian Fantasy.  These books are done for the love and fun of the Friesian horse and so I do not make a profit on these. 

Tarot Cards

These are examples of my tarot cards, which are near completion.


Greeting Cards

Sorry for you Loss card.


Poems and Songs


Huge Back Drop For Photos

    Photo backdrop.  12’ x 16’.  Stretched canvas with Gesso and a break-down copper armature so it can be rolled up for transport and re-stretched for use and storage.http://www.dragonswordbranch.com/graphics/dot.gif  The detail is incredible.  All the stones in the castle can be seen and on the rolling hills, little tufts of grass are visible in the distance.  On the bridge the roses are growing up to complement the cones on the castle’s towers.  There are also beautiful little glittering goldfish.  Something this size and detailed would run about $1500. 

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