I come to breeding from a different angle than others because I was on the mare’s side of breeding for many years.  I realize it is difficult to breed some mares and I will do all I possibly can on my part to get your foal on the ground.  I also realize how expensive it can be to breed a mare.  I am not a horse trader and I promise not to be the stud breeder that is uncaring and difficult.  My goal is to make the start of the breeding experience as palatable as possible.  I prefer honesty and cooperation.  My contract is not set in stone and is rather an agreement to a desired outcome.  If there is something you would like to add or change, I am willing to listen.

Stud Services

     My beloved stallion Tearke’ is being offered at stud service at the Three Tree Ranch to mares of all varieties.  He does his best when he is bred to Friesians, but he will still improve the bone and disposition of other breeds.  Both AI and live cover are available for $1000.  He is gentle and gets the job done. I take Tearke’ to a local vet for AI, and he is very proficient.  There are extra fees through the vet for the AI, which cover a down payment for the container and the collection fee.  I do not charge a booking fee.


Breeding Contract

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